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CheckUps Medical Center Tech-enabled Integrated Urgent Care with delivery to homes

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CheckUps Medical Center

CheckUps Medical Center

Imagine, 90 per of citizens in Sub-Sahara Africa do not have a primary care doctor! One-third self-prescribe, rush to the closest retail pharmacy or visit the neighborhood clinic where misdiagnoses are common. The 2nd third visits hospital or private doctor’s office. Inconvenience, transit time, long wait times, and 30-40% more costly labs and meds are undesirable experiences. The last third simply defer care. Common illnesses – cough, diarrhea, fever, hypertension, diabetes, joint pain, dysfunctional bleeding, skin infections in children — worsen. COVID-testing is not accessible. The most affected are blue-collar workers, who are further constrained by long workdays and low pay, making urban setting the hot beds for health disparities. CheckUps is the people’s choice. They just call. We e-consult via whatsapp or do in-person checks via nurses connected to the doctors. The over 18 million Whatsapp users in Kenya can reach us 24/7. Home sample collection and medication delivery ensues

Sectores Proveedores y servicios sanitarios
Ubicación Nairobi, Kenya
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