Chakra Nativa Foods & Plants Let's build the Natural Abundance

Chakra Native Foods & Plants is a network of small agricultural producers that executes productive, commercial, and community development processes through agriculture, innovation, and different technologies such as Aquapland. Through our eco-Minimarket, we provide the Small Producer, in our physical store and in our online sales channels, by channeling higher income towards farmers.
We collectively organize Food Security, setting up community gardens in vulnerable communities that live in extreme poverty and want to go ahead.
We also work on the nutritional quality of the food we eat, and consumer education, from communication and gastronomic innovation, based on local production ingredients.
We live and execute productive processes, from all points of the food chain, with scientific knowledge and emerged from many years of experience.

Sectors Agritech, Clean technology and energy, E-commerce
Location Asunción, Paraguay
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