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Chakra Nativa Foods & Plants We are Natural Abundance

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We are Nature, Farmers and Technology, at the service of the Supply Chain.

LOOFA is a Collaborative Wholesale Market Place App, based on commercial and agronomic intelligence, which facilitates the Scouting and Inclusion of small producers and entrepreneurs, to systematize and improve together, the supply, price, quality and availability of national merchandise. for wholesale buyers in the capital.
Despensas, Restaurants, Supermarkets and Industries of Asunción will have for the first time a platform with a Shopping Cart and Delivery for them, with benefits in price and quality for their businesses, in addition to the opportunity to support the inclusion and growth of producers. local.
LOOFA plans to install an Inclusive Wholesale Local and Cultural Café, in the Central Market of Abasto de Asunción. 15% of the profits will be reinvested in the installation of High Agricultural Technology, such as Aquaponic Systems for the local producers.

Sectors Agritech, Clean technology and energy, E-commerce
Location Asunción, Paraguay
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