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Centre Kaizen Gender Consulting firm

Centre Kaizen is a social enterprise in gender advisory services, which operates in the field of
capacity building, project management, and evaluation, and research. The need for more female leaders has never been more critical, and there is a lot of data to support this claim. women empowerment is necessary and a priority to achieve social and economic development of any country or in the world. Issues as gender-based violence, care economies, or gender pay gap need to be addressed with efficacy methods and tools. Through its services, Centre Kaizen strengthens the organizational structure of institutions in the adoption and application of the gender diversity model through certification and coaching. it also supports the development sector institutions to implement gender transformation projects and programs. Finally, it raises awareness among public and private institutions of the economic and financial benefits of gender diversity in the workplace and the need to engage in it.

Sectores Consultoría y desarrollo empresarial
Ubicación Pétion-Ville, Haití
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