BRENTEC Improving access to livestock vaccines for farmers in Africa

BRENTEC Investments Ltd is dedicated to developing the livestock sector in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our unique value proposition is embodied in our commitment to consistently deliver quality and affordable vaccine solutions across a wide variety of product categories and geographies. Almost all rural and peri-urban households in Africa keep some form of livestock either as a source of food or to earn income. These households cant effectively commercialise this incredible resource because of lack of access to quality and affordable vaccines to prevent diseases that ravage their livestock causing massive losses and decreased productivity. 

Our team is determined to alleviate this problem by manufacturing and distributing vaccines that are suitable for the region, are affordable to all farmers and are of the highest quality. This endeavour will lead to a strong livestock sector in sub-Saharan Africa and create a large market for BRENTEC to grow into a world leader in the animal health space.

Stage Unknown EST January 2011
SectorsAnimal farming, Pharmaceuticals
LocationKampala, Uganda
MarketsAngola, Burundi, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
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