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Bitmec Healthcare Technologies (Bitmec) IoT telemedicine booths with proprietary hardware and software.

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According to the WHO, more than half of the world’s population does not have access to quality medical care (> 165 million in LATAM) . Bitmec has developed an IoT telemedicine booth that facilitates access to high quality primary care in underserved areas. The booth incorporates multiple sensors that allow remote doctors to collect multiple parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation. The combination of hardware and software that the booth offers, allows patients to conveniently and reliably receive comprehensive remote care with a close to in-person experience that is applicable to almost any setting, particularly for underserved populations. Under a PaaS model, Bitmec rents out its technology to healthcare providers for a monthly subscription. Our business has potential given the size of the market and because our booths are an affordable, scalable solution for governments and corporate other healthcare providers to increase coverage.

Sectores Healthcare, HealthTech
Ubicación Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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