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Bambuksa Ecological Development For More Sustainable Communities

The construction industry contributes to the 45% of the CO2 emissions to the planet, becoming the second more contaminant industry in the world, the environmental had been impacted for the production of construction´s materials, forest deforested, soil and air polluted for the high demand of wood, steel and concrete in the construction sector. That is why, at Bambuksa we are innovating with bamboo because it is a natural renewable giant grass, it is abundant in Latin America region, known as the green steel, bamboo is a very durable and resistant natural material for construction.

Using bamboo for constructions, instead of wood, instead of steel or concrete, at bambuksa we are creating innovative ecofriendly structures, saving up to 80% of the CO2 emissions.

SectoresConstrucción, Construcción y fabricación, Servicios educativos
UbicaciónCosta Rica
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