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Aston Rider kits for any shape bikes convert to electric ones cheap and powerfull

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Aston Rider

Aston Rider

Aston Rider is aimed at all people regardless of ages, who already own a
bicycle or want electric transportation.
For example, for elderly people with reduced mobility, or adults, to go to work and
not get tired, and for young people to travel longer distances, among others.
In the market, they are only importers of electric bikes that are worth 4 times or
My kit is very economical and gives you the same benefits.
In addition, it recharges quickly on any plug, just like a cell phone, spending less than a
quarter of dollar every 50km done.
As time went by, many cyclists asked me for an alternative, to convert their bikes into
electric ones.
The one who has a bicycle, loves it, and doesn`t want to change it for a new one.
Therefore, I developed the first kit that turns mostly any kind of transportation, no matters
the shape or size, into electric motorization.
It is a compact system, which is placed in a few minutes and without any special
knowledge, just tightening

SectorsPersonal transport
LocationEl Palomar, Argentina
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