Appruve Use Appruve API to verify data customers submitted and gain insights

Financial services use Appruve API to verify data they collect from their customers across their lifecycle.
A typical lifecycle of a customer being onboarded by a financial service requires the verification of data submitted at each stage of interaction with the product/service in order to derive full value of service.
Financial services face the risk of onboarding fraudulent clients at each stage of onboarding.
They also risk being fined by the central bank if due diligence is not undertaken. Appruve API connects to multiple sets of data including identity data (individuals and businesses), financial account data (bank and mobile money accounts) and fraud data. By utilizing machine learning customer data can be verified and transformed into insights for use cases such as lending, credit scoring , personal finance management and detection of fraudulent actors.

SectoresSoftware empresarial, Fintech, Machine learning
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