Apiservices Monde The Abeilles in the World Services

With the mission: “to make beekeeping and agriculture tools of food safety, nutrition and sources of revenue protective of the environment” the company Apiservices Monde intervenes in agrobusiness with a strong anchorage in beekeeping with the priority of protecting bees whose disappearance threatens different food systems. It works strongly in agricultural development through tangible field actions, particularly in the production of natural honey. It is also very active in the training and support of modern beekeeping techniques and the promotion of good sustainable agricultural practices. With several projects managed from 2015 to today, Apiservices Monde has trained and accompanied more than 1000 farmers and young people on various themes of agriculture and beekeeping. Investing in Apiservices Monde is giving the means to a serious company to respond effectively to food needs.

Sectores Agricultura animal, Consultoría y desarrollo empresarial, Cultivos agrícolas
Ubicación Parakou, Benín
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