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Angaza Elimu Delivering personalized and mastery-based learning experince


Kiko Muuo: CEO: responsible for overall strategy and operations. Utilizes his business modelling, market research & analysis and product management skills to establish Angaza Elimu as a leading EdTech enterprise.

Shawn Chiama: CTO: Leads the tech team in developing the adaptive eLearning platforms. Has advanced technical skills in software engineering.

Vida Brenda: Busines Development Lead: Leads the sales team in initiating, developing and closing sales deals. She brings onboard deep experience in sales and marketing.

Kevin Odero: Customer Success Lead: Owns and manages customer/user success after activation. Has advanced skills in customer service management.

Regina Chege: Content Development Lead: Leads the content team in developing and curating quality digital content. Brings extensive skills in content designs and development