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Agroz Group Freshness You Can See, Hear and Taste

Agroz grows clean, fresh and happy vegetables in our technologically advanced, precision controlled Indoor Vertical Farms located at your friendly neighbourhood, closest to where the vegetables are consumed. This delivers freshness that you can See, Hear and Taste.

The vegetables are grown in a safe and sustainable manner with Non-GMO seeds using organic nutrients that are free from harmful chemicals and no pesticides, no herbicides and no fungicides.

Agroz uses Best in Class Technologies to grow clean, safe, fresh and happy vegetables in our advanced Indoor Vertical Farms using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). These Plant Factories ensure repeatable, scalable, traceable results by utilising Solar, IoT sensors, Data Analytics, AI, ML, Vision, Blockchain, automation, robotics, WiFi6, and 5G next.

The Agroz Vertical Farms produce sweet, crunchy, nutrient rich vegetables that will leave a flavourful after taste to be experienced and well remembered.

Sectors Agritech, Crop farming
Location Klang, Malaysia
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