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The overall goal of the project is to improve on market systems especially relating to food wastage and loss in income in the horticulture value chain. Another key objective to to tap into the export market in countries such as DRC and Angola where huge opportunity exists for vegetable related produce. With this project in motion, the Farmers Hub brand on containers placed in strategic locations will create value for multiple actors in the chain. Additionally, farmers with basic on farm resources will be supported with training and a seed pack to grow specific vegetables for the local and export market(s). The project life is proposed for 1 year and critical milestones such as volume of transactions at trade points, number of farmers selling through the trade points and number of farmers contracted on an out-grower scheme for selected vegetables.
Investment is required to put up eco friendly cold storage containers in locations feasible for vegetable/fruit related business.

Sectors Crop farming, Food production, Waste management and recycling
Location Lusaka, Zambia
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