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Cover image of AGRIBUSINESS FARM, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Our project consists in producing, transforming and marketing agricultural products. We chose this idea because it is a concrete, promising and suitable idea. It is also an idea for which there is a comparative advantage because we have technical skills in agriculture and agro-food processing.
Detailed Description
White corn flour, bananas, white and red onions, papayas are two main products of the AGRIBUSINESS FARM cooperative company. Our products are sold in a natural state in bags from 1 to 10 kg on which the logos of the cooperative are mentioned. Our products are considerably cheaper than other products from competitors. We are planning an industrial transformation of the products to guarantee the shelf life.
Product Service / Strength
A clear difference from our product to others is that the packaging is unique for the company, the taste is also more appreciable. This is due to the pure processing that takes place from harvest to production.

LocationMkaza, Burundi
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