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AFRIKAMART Agri-Food Tech startup focused on fruits and vegetables supply chain

In Africa, 80% of the agri-food market is made up of small scale farmers. They would be more than 200 millions on the continent and are at the base of the food we consume, transform, export. This market is valued at + US$400 billions and yet all of those small scale farmers are poor. This situation is due to lack of visibility on the market, multiplication of intermediaries, access to quality inputs, access to finance.

It is to meet these challenges that we have created AFRIKAMART, an “agri-foodtech” supply chain that relies on the power of digital to unlock the potential of agribusiness in Africa. 

Inspired by Airbnb in the hotel industry, Uber in the transportation industry, we are building a b2b platform that will directly connect the farms to the people that really matters, then take care of the logistics in between. Afrikamart enables farmers to sell their products directly through a distribution network made of supermarkets, processors, retailers and export companies.

Sectors Food and beverage, Retail and wholesale
Location Dakar, Senegal
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