NESG announces finalists of the startup pitching competition

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) is proud to announce the 10 finalists of the 25th Nigerian Economic Summit (NES25) startup pitch competition.

The competition is organized by the NESG in partnership with Sterling Bank, Venture Garden Group and its startup investment/acceleration arm, GreenHouse Capital. This collaborative effort seeks to empower Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across Nigeria with funding and mentorship.

NES #25 2019 Finalists

Six hundred and eighty-nine (689) applications were received for the startup pitching competition and after a rigorous selection process, 10 finalists were selected. The 10 finalists in no particular order are:

Agriple Nigeria

Agriple – Our Solution, Agriple, is an online platform developed to directly connect farmers with consumers and off-takers to reduce farm to fork time, increase wealth, and reduce food waste. Since most of the food waste from Nigeria and Africa come from post-harvest loss, improving farmers’ access to market, and providing efficient logistics will go a long way to cut food waste.

Notitia Nigeria

Notitia – is a digital health startup, focused on developing intelligent solutions to address the paucity of health data in emerging markets around the world.

Phaheem Pharmaceuticals Limited Nigeria

Phaheem Pharmaceuticals LTD – is a registered company that was based to be a business venture and enterprises, with the aim to promote improved healthcare delivery in Nigeria. The product we named Phaheem Plate is used to convert footfall to electricity.

AfriNET Power Tech Solutions Nigeria

AfriNET Power Tech Solutions – Renewable energy and particularly solar power provide the best solution to the challenges of poor access to electricity, especially in the rural areas in Nigeria but the cost of installations have made mass adoption difficult. We have re-imagined the system and developed the ‘Inverterless’ Solar Energy solution. It eliminates the use of inverters in solar power installations and the DC – AC conversions which is largely inefficient as the appliances will still convert the current back to DC at the end load. The solution works great and is entirely on DC, it gives a great boost to energy efficiency campaigns; with the use of energy-saving appliances for households and workplaces. This ensures a reduction in the overall cost of power installation by over 30%, while doubling the rate of adoption of solar power in especially off-grid areas.

Doctoora E-Health Ltd Nigeria

Doctoora E-Health Ltd – is a health-tech startup providing healthcare professionals with medical facility rentals for their private practice. We also run an online marketplace where consumers can search and book for healthcare professionals within the Doctoora network. With Doctoora, healthcare professionals can start a private practice and see their patients across multiple locations without incurring setup costs and overheads.

GatePass Nigeria

GatePass – helps residents of estates, neighbourhoods and multi-family communities manage day-to-day interactions including bill payments, visitor management and communication comfortably from their mobile phones.

Loystar Nigeria

Loystar – is a retail and loyalty platform designed to help micro, small and medium business sell and drive repeat sales in their business.

Gricd Services Limited Nigeria

Gricd Services Limited – We build IoT-enabled, active cooling devices that are used in the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive commodity. Our flagship product, the Frij, is a smart active cooling device used in the transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive commodities. It is a two-part solution comprising of the hardware active cooling/storage device and software infrastructure that could be accessed using a handheld mobile device or through Operation Control Centers. Unlike alternatives in the market today, our hardware device maintains the preset storage temperature while storage insights are gained through the software. Our business model is to lease/sell the hardware while the software (storage and security of items) are accessed on a subscription/ licensed model. Through the software application, users are able to monitor cooling trends, the location history of their items/commodities and control these variables. Trigger alarms can also be preset for out-of-range temperatures, location, lid opening detection and power status.

Of the 10 finalists for the NESG startup pitching competition, 60% belong to the tech industry, with 50% software-enabled pitches. Entries were also received from a number of industries including Food & Agriculture, Tech, Health, Waste/Environment, Industry/Manufacturing and Energy. Furthermore, 40% of the companies that made the final list have women in leadership positions.

The finalists attended a bootcamp in Lagos from 1st – 4th October 2019 then, proceeded to Abuja on 5th October to complete the bootcamp.

After the Bootcamp, the NES #25 Startups Pitching event was held in Abuja on Sunday, 6th October 2019, by 6pm at Transcorp Hilton Hotel. The prize presentation will take place at the closing of the 25th Nigerian Economic Summit NES25.

The top winners will win cash prizes ranging from US$2,500 to US$15,000 and all Finalists will receive ongoing support from the NES and its partners through the NESG Innovation Fund.

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) a non-profit, non-partisan private-sector think tank with a mandate to promote and champion the reform of the Nigerian economy into an open, private sector-led globally competitive economy organizes the Annual Nigerian Economic Summit (NES) in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning. The NES is the flagship event of the NESG and has become an annual dialogue which has consistently provided a widely recognized platform for top policymakers and corporate leaders.