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Thanks for your interest in the VC4A Venture Showcase

In this form you are invited to indicate your interest to join the selection committee, share your expertise as a mentor or join the DealRooms to access highly curated companies. Our team will get in touch after submission. Please be aware selection is based on the sectors and countries of the shortlisted companies.

In return, we are pleased to offer you the following: 

- We will add your logo to the list of participating investors and mention you as one of the partners in the 2022 Venture Showcase in all related communications. Your personal profile will be featured on the website as part of the selection committee.

- You will get early access to the pipeline. Besides the application that we ask you to score, you can access the top-100 shortlisted applications based on investor scores and can join as many interviews as you like. Plus, we can facilitate personal introductions and 1-on-1s with all applicants, as requested.

For more information about the Venture Showcase programs, please visit:

Thank you for your support and efforts to the VC4A Venture Showcase. We will keep you posted about the process and the final selection of the companies for the upcoming Venture Showcase programs in Africa + Latin America.