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Research project on "How you make the most of your social innovation endeavor"

Successful Local Innovation for Global Change

How you make the most of your social entrepreneurship endeavor

The secret of successful ventures

Social entrepreneurs are the driving force behind social innovations that improve the quality of life of people living in impoverished conditions. However, while some ventures already deliver social impact by utilizing innovative and effective inclusive business models, others fail to come up with new solutions to pressing social problems and often deal with a variety of challenges, such as:

  • How to turn your idea into a viable business taking local conditions into account.

  • How to persuade your partners and investors to engage with your idea.

  • How to balance commercial and social success for long-term growth.

  • How to scale up your business for global impact.

What separates the winners?

To promote inclusive growth, social ventures have to satisfy the
special needs of
low-income consumers and develop low-cost and high-quality products, services, and business models.

What does this imply for social entrepreneurs who have to operate under resource-scarce conditions? What strategies can they apply to identify new business opportunities to bring about sustainable solutions for positive social change?

Our research project aims at investigating key drivers of successful social entrepreneurship endeavors.

What are we looking for?

For our survey, we are looking for social ventures, which develop products or services for low-income customers in South Africa or other countries. 

How do you benefit from our study?

  • Based on our large sample study, we will provide you with the project`s key results in form of a summary report.
  • We organize a (virtual) workshop for all participating entrepreneurs where we present them our latest research findings on how to innovate under challenging environments.
  • We will show how social entrepreneurs can develop innovative business models taking local conditions into account, how they can succeed in balancing commercial and social success for long-term growth, get access to business networks, and successfully scale up their business for global impact.
  • You will gain insights into central factors influencing social venture success, which may improve your future investment decisions.

Engage in a dialogue with our experts and benefit from their rich experience in the fields of social innovation, entrepreneurship, and teamwork.

About us

Our research team is internationally recognized for its excellent research record and has received numerous awards. The team at the Institute for Leadership and Organization has been working successfully with renowned firms from different industries around the globe.

Contact Details for study participation

Helene Koepplin

+49 (0) 89/2180-9547


Location South Africa
Targets South Africa
Agribusiness, Banking, Computer hardware, Computer software, Construction, Consumer non-durables, Diversified services, EdTech, Education, Electronics, Financial services, Food and beverage, Healthcare, HealthTech, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mobile, Telecom, Transport and logistics, Utilities, Water, sanitation and hygiene