Uncap Pioneer Cohort

We are investing in your entrepreneurial potential

Uncap is a funding platform seeking to revolutionize access to early-stage funding in Africa. We invest in founders’ entrepreneurial potential through a revenue-based financing model (RBF) and give additional support through automated KPI (key performance indicator) analysis, access to training, and resources.

We aim to revolutionize access to funding by reaching 50,000 entrepreneurs by 2030, equalling 1 billion USD in investments deployed and 1 million jobs created.

A new way of early stage funding
  • No collateral
    We don’t ask for any collateral.
  • Unbiased
    We make decisions based on data to eliminate biases as much as possible.
  • USD10-50k
    We invest between 10,000 – 50,000 USD to cover your early-stage funding need.
  • Revenue-based
    We invest equity that you buy-back based on the growth of your revenues.

Investment, mentorship and financial advice at your fingertips

Smart, innovative early-stage funding

With our investment you can kick-start your business. We buy a stake in your company but we want you to be in control of the business you’ve built, now and in 10 years. You buy-back your equity based on the growth of your revenues.  

Real-time financial analytics at your fingertips

Your personal dashboard helps you keep your relevant financials in check, real-time and tailored to your needs. 

Curated resources and high class trainings to help you grow

Our entrepreneurial platform gives you access to tools, resources as well as later-stage funding opportunities delivered in collaboration with our partners.

We’re looking for…

  1. Early-stage companies with the potential to scale over time.
  2. Businesses in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria that are primarily owned by local founders.
  3. Businesses that already built some track record by generating first revenues.


Uncap Pioneer Cohort

Uncap Pioneer Cohort


October 15, 2021
Program dates Jan 1, 2022 - Jan 1, 2030
Organizer Uncap
Website Visit website
Targets Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda
Sectors Sector agnostic