GreenTech Ecosystem Builder

Convening the GreenTech ecosystem

Purpose of the Program

The UK Government’s UK-South Africa Tech Hub is working with Endeavor South Africa to create a sustainable ecosystem around the GreenTech space. This program will enable tech entrepreneurs, with solutions in the GreenTech industry, to gain access to thought leaders, decision-makers, and influencers in this space. We will be bringing all aspects of the GreenTech sector together, from government, corporates, start-ups, and academics to ensure a fully rounded program. Working with these experts in small groups will enable entrepreneurs to fine-tune their offerings, potentially exposing them to commercial opportunities and give them the opportunity to network with key players in this industry.

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6 octubre, 2021
Organizador UK South Africa Tech Hub
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Países Sudáfrica
Sectores Tecnología y energía limpias, Servicios medioambientales