Disruptive Agricultural Technology Conference

Connecting a million Kenyan farmers to disruptive agricultural technologies

The World Bank Group and the Korea-World Bank Partnership Facility are pleased to announce a knowledge and innovation challenge conference on scaling up disruptive digital technologies in the agricultural sector in Kenya.

The Disruptive Agricultural Technology (DAT) Challenge and Conference aim to provide a forum to discuss the opportunities offered by disruptive digital technologies to increase productivity, and access to services and markets in the agricultural sector. Several promising digital technology innovators in agriculture will share their stories and plans. Leaders of public and private institutions, technology companies, incubators, researchers, the business community, policymakers, financial institutions, and the donor community will gather together to learn from and network with each other.

We are looking for innovators, organizations, and businesses with a disruptive digital solution using digital and other AG Technologies.

For the details Contact:
Vivek Prasad


Apr 5 - 9:00 - Apr 6, 2019 - 22:00
Organizer The World Bank
Website Visit website
Nairobi, Kenya
Targets Kenya
Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, EdTech, HealthTech