TC Townhall Emerging Tech

Artificial Intelligence. Blockchain.

On February 28, 2020, TC Townhall: Emerging Tech will convene entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and corporate organizations including telcos and financial institutions to examine how businesses, individuals and countries across the continent can maximize the benefits of emerging technologies, specifically AI and Blockchain. There will be a session dedicated to VR/AR, 5G, Big Data and other emerging technologies asides AI & Blockchain.

Emerging Technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are changing how Africans live and do business. For example, African banks and businesses are now leveraging AI-driven chatbots. We are seeing entrepreneurs leveraging AI across different sectors including agriculture and e-commerce.

Across the continent, there’s an increasing number of blockchain use-cases, especially in financial services. Organizations such as Binance Labs and Blockchain Nigeria User Group are investing in and seeking to help the entrepreneurs building them to succeed.

In the past few years, big tech companies including IBM and Google have begun recognizing Africa as the future of emerging tech. However, government regulation is falling far behind the pace of emerging tech innovation.

TC Townhall: Emerging Tech – AI & Blockchain will answer the key questions that businesses, big corporations and policymakers have about Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. It will address the implications for businesses, enterprises and will help policymakers develop a roadmap for supporting these technologies.

Why you should attend

  • The event will offer newcomers to these technologies insight into what the most influential innovators & startups are doing.
  • Smaller startups in this space will get to hear the biggest investors speak about what they value or look for as they make their investment decisions.
  • Investors will connect with the startups and people who are using these technologies and are at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Corporate organizations and entrepreneurs across key sectors will understand how they can take advantage of these technologies and avoid/mitigate the disruption they will bring.
  • For regulators, they will engage the innovation community about how they can support them and create economic prosperity for their nations. They will speak with the biggest players and investors, directly sharing knowledge about their concerns, what they need for success


Feb 28, 2020: 9:00 - 20:00
Organizer TechCabal
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Lagos, Nigeria
Targets Africa
Sectors Clean technology and energy, EdTech, HealthTech, ICT, Internet of things (IoT)