Shell Foundation

Shell Foundation (SF) is a UK-registered charity, founded by Shell in 2000, that creates and scales business solutions to enhance access to energy and affordable transport. We exist to serve the low-income communities most affected by these issues.

Shell Foundation creates and scales business solutions to two major global development challenges: access to energy and sustainable mobility. Our geographical focus is on Africa and Asia, where issues such as access to energy and mobility are major obstacles to sustainable development.

In order to build sustainable and impactful markets, we provide patient support to early-stage businesses and intermediaries capable of delivering social change at scale via ground-breaking technologies or business models without long-term reliance on charitable support or subsidy.

We support pioneering enterprises to test and prove ideas that can transform the way people live and work, providing:

  • Patient, flexible and risk-tolerant grant funding to demonstrate impact, scale and viability
  • High touch day-to-day business support and strategic guidance
  • Links to private and public sector partners and investors
  • Tailored instruments to help partners build a track-record to leverage second-stage finance


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Location London, UK
Targets Africa, Asia
Clean technology and energy, Logistics, Personal transport, Public transport, Renewable energy, Transport and logistics