SDS (Shariatpur Development Society)

Safe food for healthy life

SDS was established in the year 1991 as a non-profit, non-political, non-government voluntary organization with the initiative of some local dedicated & committed people who are connective with social service activities for the overall development of disaster victim people by giving humanitarian supports and its proper utilization for income generation and rehabilitation at Shariatpur district of Bangladesh.

The founder of the organization was taken initiative in collaboration with the like-minded Red-cross workers to launch an organization for the development of disadvantaged people after the devastating flood of 1988. Some lawyers, journalists, businessmen and women workers were the front line initiator to establishment SDS. The organization formally starts its work on 1st September, 1991 and after getting registration from social welfare department in 1992, it extended its actions on child-health and family planning surrounding villages of Shariatpur Sadar Upazilla. During interment on family planning for a year it was observed that family planning recipients especially women were malnourished, deprived in their families and were neglected by their husbands.

Above all, women were also tortured by their husbands as they were accepting family planning methods. Additionally, on the survey report, it was unanimously agreed by the General Committee, Executive committee, Advisory committee, and workers of the organization that steps need to be taken to implement family law and women’s rights in society.

Therefore, SDS started with group formation, organized weekly meetings for women. Groups of women started to learn about their rights from weekly meetings and discussions. At this stage, OXFAM (UK & I, presently GB) came forward to assist “SDS”. At present, SDS is working in the field of Disaster Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Poverty alleviation, Training, Education, Agriculture, Health & Nutrition, Advocacy, Arbitration and Legal support, Environment, Water & Sanitation (WATSAN) Climate change adaptation, HIV/AIDS, Micro Finance & Women, and Child Rights.


A just society without poverty, equality for everyone, decent place to live


The mission of SDS is to facilitate initiatives to work with underprivileged people to uplift their present situation. SDS is also committed to collectively work towards establishing economic, social, cultural, health, political, and environmental rights as well as to bring about an accountable and transparent governance system at all spheres of society.

Core Values:

  1. Honesty
  2. Gender-sensitive
  3. Each other respect
  4. Democracy
  5. Non-judgmental in religious beliefs
  6. Friendly workplace
  7. Always learn from the community

SDS (Shariatpur Development Society)

SDS (Shariatpur Development Society)


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Location Sadar Road, Shariatpur, Bangladesh.
Targets Bangladesh
Sectors Animal farming, Crop farming
SDG (1)
1. No Poverty


Name Country Sector(s)
E-line vegetgables
Indispensable good health
Rwanda Agribusiness, Crop farming, Food production