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“The difficulty of now is the opportunity of the future”


We’re looking for startups with a great founding team, with a well-built product and early traction that dream of impacting society and solving today’s problems. Join Rockstart Latam’s 90-day “ROCKSTART IMPACT” acceleration program to grow your company and prepare you for impact investing. Through this program, entrepreneurs will be able to improve their products, accelerate their growth, bring real metrics, establish their impact indicators and connect with a community of mentors, investors, large companies and entrepreneurs.


At Rockstart we believe and support entrepreneurs who dream of driving positive change in the world. After accelerating more than 30 startups in Colombia and supporting big companies building innovative businesses we created Rockstart Impact, a program where startups will go through 5 different tracks. The main one is our “heartbeat”, or those routine activities of the program that allow us to provide each startup with a semi-personalized advice according to their needs.


Connecting to the ecosystem:

We created Colombia’s strongest impact business ecosystem, connecting investors, allies, corporate companies, mentors and startups from different sectors. Entrepreneurs will have access to a large community that will provide them with greater opportunities for growth.

Workshops and sessions:

More than 23 workshops in 8 different training areas such as: Marketing, Impact Indicators, Sales, Product Development, among others.


Access to more than 30 mentors who are successful entrepreneurs and experts on different topics.


More than 60h of check ins and personalized advice for each startup, where growth strategies are posed week by week.


Community events with investors, mentors, companies, impact funds and relevant actors the ecosystem.

Equity Free:

This program being for impact companies does not take any percentage of equity from startups and participation for entrepreneurs has no cost.

Software credits:

Credits and discounts on software such as Amazon Web Services, Aldeamo, Back garage and many more for an approximate value of $690,000 USD.


When working for several years with entrepreneurs and helping them scale their business models, we have the experience, skills and knowledge to support other entrepreneurs, those who are dedicated to creating social and environmental impact. We consider an impact startup as a self-sustaining business that uses technology to solve the biggest challenges of our society. Some verticals we are interested in supporting are:

Climate change

Startups working for the purpose of solving climate change.


Innovation that takes place in every food supply chain

Clean tech

Companies that aim to improve environmental sustainability.


Companies that aim to solve problems of vulnerable communities and remote access.

Circular economy

Models aimed at eliminating waste and the continuous use of resources.


We are open to any startup that uses technology to address some of the world’s most challenging challenges and create an impact on society.




November 20, 2020
Program dates Jan 11 - Jun 30, 2021
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