Survive and Thrive Episode 4

RiseUp is thrilled to running a web series to help you navigate the COVID-19 outbreak. With a roster of local and international speakers, Survive and Thrive: Lessons in Entrepreneurial Crisis Management is a bi-weekly web-series aiming to ensure we all have a better grasp of the socioeconomic impact of Coronavirus, are equipped to handle its consequences, and emerge on the other side a stronger, more agile ecosystem!

Tash Jefferies Webinar: Today, going digital is no longer a luxury, but a fundamental necessity for survival and success in any market. Join us for the fourth installment of #SurviveAndThrive, where we’ll be discussing all things digital with Diversa founder Tash Jefferies! From digital marketing to e-commerce, CMS tools, and more, episode 4 will help you set the foundations for your offline → online transition, ensuring you and your team are equipped to thrive in today’s increasingly digitized world!

An entrepreneur in residence with 500 Startups and a renowned digital media strategist, Tash is also a former TEDX speaker, a best-selling author, and a Top 50 health blogger, according to Huffington Post. Named one of 33 Bada** Black Women in Silicon Valley, Tash splits her time between San Francisco, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

To tune in to the fourth episode of Survive and Thrive featuring Tash Jefferies on Tuesday, April 7 at 7 pm Cairo time (GMT+2) sign up here:



Apr 7, 2020: 19:00 - 20:00
Organizer RiseUp
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