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Promoter Social Mexico (PSM) is an organization of Risk Philanthropy that drives initiatives by social entrepreneurs that are aimed at improving the quality of life of the least favored people in society.

We participate in the sectors of: education, health, economic development and early childhood development.

Our philosophy and mystique stop that the person is our reason for being; we consider that dignity is linked to the intrinsic value of the person and his/her existence, therefore we put it at the center of our work.

We recognize and promote the dignity and integral development of each person, with a profound sense of transcendence, boosting their talents and offering opportunities for each person to contribute the best of themselves and to build the common good in their environment and through it improve the quality of life of more people.

We are convinced of the potential that every human being has and we recognize that sometimes only lack of opportunities, which we want to facilitate.

We are certain that, with empathy, putting ourselves in the place of the other and recognizing with humility our virtues and defects, we will be able to understand the reality of each person.


Impacting integrally and positively in the living conditions of the least favored people through the projects we promote.


We are an organization that seeks the integral development of the less favoured people through the promotion of sustainable social projects.



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Location Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
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