VC4A Rating and Selection tools

When the application period is closed it’s now time to find the best candidates for your program or competition. Find below an explanation of the steps to get from a large pool to a shortlist of startups/entrepreneurs.

Learn more about the promotion of your program or competition to the African startup community.

Get started

Quick selection tool

Select specific questions from your application form to get an overview of input from applicants. Based on this information you can move applications to another ‘status’ in the funnel such as ‘review’, ‘rejected’ or ‘selected for rating’. All applications can also be downloaded individually as PDF or combined in an Excel list.

Set up rating and selection environment

When you’ve determined which applications are selected for review by (internal or external) judges you can set the rating criteria and add people to judging groups. A VC4A representative will assist in setting up this environment.

Aggregate scores determine ranking

During the rating period you can monitor the progress of the judges and see how they’ve rated individual applications. At the end of the process a ranking will be visible based on the aggregate scores of the judges which will help you to determine which applicants to select for an interview round.

Announce the selection of startups

Announce your finalists or cohort to the startup community via the VC4A blog, social channels and the portfolio section on your partner page. VC4A can also help with organising the demo day and with investor connections at the end of your programme.