Drone Training

Poise Graduate Finishing Academy in partnership with Global Air Drone Academy

Poise Graduate Finishing Academy in partnership with Global Air Drone Academy presents her Drone Training Program.
This programme focuses on the use of drones for filming and photography techniques, movements, camera settings, video editing and managing footage.

The course will also include; Basics of drone flight, safety, drone capabilities and features. Types of drones, drone regulations and entrepreneurship.


April 20, 2022
Program dates Apr 21 - May 5, 2022
Organizer Poise Nigeria
Targets Nigeria
Sectors UAVs (drones)

About the program

It’s no secret that drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are everywhere, and it seems they’re here to stay. Like it or not, drones are only increasing in popularity, and not just among hobbyists. Drones are already benefiting a variety of different industries, including agriculture, entertainment, architecture, and even law enforcement. And since drone technology is constantly evolving, there’s no telling how they might be used in the future. 


National drone industry surveys predict strong growth, which will inevitably influence opportunity at the local level. According to a report in 2019 by Business Insider, the market is set to be worth $63.6 billion by 2025. This number encompasses the broader drone landscape which includes drone manufacturing, drone software and ancillary services. However, the positive impact for local drone business is inevitable. Currently, enterprises are broadening their drone programs and are seeking independent and qualified drone pilots and recruiting drone pilots as employees to fulfill their needs. 

Poise Graduate Finishing Academy (PoiseGFA) in partnership with Global Air Drone Academy (GADA) have launched a training curriculum that will aid in tackling poverty and creating work and economic growth by equipping teenagers and youths from underserved communities and background with global drone technology and piloting skills as well as soft skills.

Program benefits

  • Learn about cutting edge and emerging technology 
  • Learn how to become licensed in Nigeria and the USA 
  • Add a new skill set to advance in industries like construction, real-estate, oil and gas, film, and more 
  • Receive practical training from experienced and licensed professionals 
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion.

More info

  • Programme Duration: 3 weeks 
  • Mode of Delivery: Virtual/in-person
  • Location: Jakande, Lekki, Lagos 
  • Course Fee: N100,000
  • Start Date: 21 April, 2022