Programa Platanus Ventures

Programa para acelerar tu startup. Construido por fundadores.


About the program

We will help you build a product that people want and understand the dynamics of the search for financing. We’ll end up with a Demo Day, where you’ll be able to show your business in front of a selected group of investors

After the program, you’ll still be part of our network of founders and you’ll have access to angel investors, developers and other startups. This is one of the largest values of Platanus Ventures.


  • digital: Our experience is with digital startups, and these will be the ones we accept and support in our program.
  • Team full-time: The team of founders must be dedicated fulltime to the project. They should preferably be a team of two to five people.
  • Technical Founder:  At least one team person must be the CTO of the startup able to build the product and attract technical talent.

Program Benefits

  • Investment:  We will invest US $100,000 for 7% of your company and help make it take off.
  • Focus: We’ll help you focus on the most important thing so you can grow fast week-by-week.
  • Network: You will be part of the best network of Spanish-speaking software founders and developers.
  • Demo Day: At the end of the program we will prepare for the Demo Day, where you will expose in front of a selected group of the best investors.

Our Experience

  • The founders of Platanus Ventures have co-founded successful startups such as Fintual and, and built products used by millions of people around the world.
  • We are supported by the founders of Cornershop, Fintual, Buk,, Examedi, Fintoc and many other major startups in the region.
  • Platanus Ventures made its first version of 2020 and our startups have already lifted on US $30M.
  • We are embedded in a community where we talk about the day of startups and technology. We have offices in Santiago and CDMX where founders and developers live together, become friends and share knowledge.


December 18, 2022
OrganizerPlantanus Ventures
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Targets Latin America and the Caribbean
Sectors Sector agnostic