The VC4A Team

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Meet Our Advisers


Rebecca Enonchong

Rebecca Enonchong

@africatechie – CEO Appstech Software Firm – Cameroon: Rebecca is the CEO of AppsTech, global provider of enterprise applications with offices in Washington, D.C., Paris and Douala. She sits on the board of the Salesforce Foundation and ActivSpaces and was recognized as one of the 100 New Global Leaders for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum.

Joel Patenaude

Joel Patenaude

Investor & Coach at J2 Partners – United States: Joel has 20 years of experience in a diverse set of business roles. He is a founder of J2 Partners, Inc., a business consultancy, and acts as representative to a growing number of African SMEs. ?He has served as a VC4Africa Officer since the spring of 2009 and is involved in the mentoring program.

Jasper Grosskurth

Jasper Grosskurth

Researcher, Author & Futurist – Kenya: Jasper has 11 years work experience on the interface of research and consultancy. He holds a MSc. in Economics and a PhD in Integrated Assessment. He is the author of Futures of Technology in Africa. He is a key supporter of the Nailab Incubator in Nairobi and serves as the Director of Research and Strategy at Research Solutions Africa

Leo Soldaat<

Leo Soldaat

Climate & Renewable Energy Finance Expert – Netherlands: Leo Soldaat has 20 years of working experience in the field of small enterprise development and promotion. In his job at Hivos he assisted MFIs and co-operatives to manage and improve their services to their clients both in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. His expertise areas are appraisal, rating, management, business planning, product design and micro finance.

Greg Snyders<

Greg Snyders

Global Consultant Dalberg – Unites States: Greg manages relationships with partners based in the US and helps lead both product and business development at VC4Africa. Greg is a development expert and has worked for Dalberg Global Development Advisors, served as an economic policy advisor to the Government of South Sudan, and led business development opportunities for a mobile health technology startup in Rwanda.

Picture of Tomi Davies

Tomi Davies

@tomidee – Lagos Angel Network, Nigeria: Tomi is entrepreneur, writer, speaker, mentor, investor and advocate of technology, education, mobile and Africa. He is CEO of TVCLabs a Technology Business Accelerator based in Lagos and also sits on the boards of Sproxil, Strika Entertainment, TechnoVision Communications and PeoplePrime. Tomi is co-founder of the Lagos Angel Network and President of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN).

Meet Our Team


Bill Zimmerman<

Bill Zimmerman

CoFounder & Technology Guru – Cameroon, United States, Egypt, France: Bill is a software engineer and serial entrepreneur with a track record of building and selling technology-based companies. He’s the co-founder of Cameroon’s leading technology incubator ActivSpaces. Bill is a founding member of AfriLabs, a network of African technology hubs, and is a driving force behind VC4A. Bill previously worked for Microsoft and served in the United States Peace Corps.

Ben White<

Ben White

@zia505 – coFounder & Community Evangelist – Netherlands, United States: Ben has been venturing in the African technology and media space since 2003. He has done ethnographic research on the emergence of software cultures in Kampala, Uganda, established the ICT Entrepreneurship program at Hivos, and later taught classes at the University of Amsterdam. Involved in multiple startups, Ben is also the cofounder of AfriLabs, a pan-African network of innovation hubs, and the African Business Angel Network (ABAN). Ben is on the board of ActivSpaces and in 2007 he founded Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A).

Arnout Kroezen<

Arnout Kroezen

Director of Finance– Netherlands: Arnout heads the financial management of VC4A. Arnout is a financial expert by training, an entrepreneur and manager. He has run his own trading business on the Dutch stock exchange and acts as a financial controller for his company. He has a keen interest in emerging markets and the African investment opportunity.

Alina Vinogradova<

Alina Vinogradova

Programmes & Partnerships Lead – Netherlands: Alina develops and manages startup support programs run by VC4A as part of larger donor-funded initiatives, such as Work in Progress! Project and World Bank’s Pan-African Accelerator. She builds out VC4A’s network of strategic partnerships with various startup ecosystem players and is constantly looking for fit between organizations, their objectives, and the goals of the VC4A community. MSc in Business Economics, MBA from Amsterdam Business School (UvA). In her corporate past she spent over 10 years working in various marketing, sales and business development roles.

Fua Tse<

Fua Tse

@tsefua – Director Developer Team – Cameroon: Fua is the coFounder and CEO of Zinger Systems and heads VC4A’s development team in Cameroon. He is a seasoned mathematician and likes playing around with figures. He is also a founder of Zinger Systems, a full fledged software, web and mobile development firm based in Cameroon where he serves as a Developer and Managing Director. He is also the founder of Cameroon’s leading technology incubator ActivSpaces.

Bertil van Vugt<

Bertil van Vugt

@brutuzBusiness Development Lead – Netherlands: Bertil is responsible for business development at VC4Africa, working with partners to improve the services on the platform. He managed the 3-year ‘Inclusive Business Accelerator’ programme on the side of VC4A. Bertil studied journalism (Ba) and Political Science (Ma) and gained content and technical experience while working in the African startup and media space since 2006 in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and other countries across the continent.

Hendrik Admiraal<

Hendrik Admiraal

Lead Developer – Netherlands: Hendrik is a web developer, designer, former label manager and event organizer from The Netherlands. Previously he launched event organizations and has worked for 10+ years as a freelance web developer. After exiting his own company he joined several tech start-ups where he gained valuable insights into their growth and the problems they can encounter.

Thomas van Halen<

Thomas van Halen

Pro Services – Netherlands: Entrepreneurship, being part of an inspiring community and driven to make a difference: this explains the match between VC4Africa and Thomas best. Linking people with the right opportunities is where Thomas gets his energy from. His focus has always been on entrepreneurship and Africa. As member of the board he manages the Twiga Foundation supporting bright students in Kenya. On a commercial level he invented, established and managed two companies.

David van Dijk<

David van Dijk

@vc4africamentorMentorship Program – Netherlands: David manages the VC4A mentorship program and coordinates a network of Industry professionals that volunteer their expertise and network to participating entrepreneurs. He is also co-founder and Director General of ABAN, the African Business Angel Network and member of the Impact Investment Committee of EBAN, the European Trade Association for Business Angels. David is also the Managing Director of Stichting IGNITE, a non profit supporting entrepreneurs in conflict affected countries and he is part of the Investment Committee of the IGNITE Fund.

Nelson Kana<

Nelson Kana

Developer – Cameroon: Nelson Kana graduated from the University Of Buea with a Bsc in Mathematics and Computer Science and in the same year he joined the development team of the VC4A platform. He is a web-developer and his hobbies are playing guitar and piano. He strongly believes in the potential of Africans and African Entrepreneurs and he sees a role for VC4Africa to bridge the gap between the thinkers and the investors.

Mirza Zeyrek<

Mirza Zeyrek

Developer – Turkey: Mirza is a passionate software developer with nocturnal tendencies and a keen interest in DevOps and Continuous Integration. While spending time in Tripoli for a software development contract, he became attracted by the business opportunities in Africa. He likes to spend his time on Stackoverflow and Github.

Kunle Odusan

Kunle Odusan

Developer – Nigeria: Kunle Odusan is a software developer with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University. He loves playing soccer & tennis. He’s excited about how African startups create solutions to challenges Africans face, especially when those solutions involve software.