Investing In The Entrepreneurial Age

Newfund is a $300M entrepreneurial VC firm dedicated to pre-seed and seed investments in France and North America, in companies driving global change.

Newfund’s investment strategy is industry agnostic and people-driven, focused on the constant search of entrepreneurs obsessed to realize their vision. We seek to understand entrepreneurs as individuals, appreciate their originality and play to their strengths. Greatness doesn’t have a stereotype.


We are a first check fund, meaning that we usually bring the first institutional money. We invest between $300k and $1m in pre-seed and seed rounds and we follow-on in subsequent rounds.

We want founders with skin in the game. Similarly, we (GPs) are the main investors in our funds: we play the same game, interests are aligned.

We seek founders with an international mindset.

We move fast and constantly aim to streamline our investment process to increase velocity. The less time you spend raising, the more you can spend on the business, this is what creates value for everyone.


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Location San Francisco, CA, USA
Targets Canada, France, United States of America
Sectors Sector agnostic