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1. No Poverty, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

What is Multiverse?

Multiverse is a regional platform that seeks to create and structure tools and processes for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, raising the standard of innovation and investment possibilities.

Multiverse is a member of the GAN Launch Program. GAN is a highly curated community of accelerators, partners and investors that creates global opportunities for entrepreneurs to access the human and financial capital they need to create and grow their businesses.


Spark: lands and runs your business idea

Spark is designed to guide you through your beginnings as an entrepreneur. We’ve compiled a number of methodologies, tools and best practices so you can grow.

growthGen: Accelerate your startup

Our GrowthGen program focuses on diagnosing your company’s main points of improvement and offering solutions through consulting and consulting.

INhatcher: Innovation

INhatcher is an acceleration program that seeks the training of entrepreneurs, bringing together all the activities, initiatives and projects already existing in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.