MTI Investment

Invest with us Atsoko MTI is the go-to investor for East African growth

MTI Investment AS is a Nordic/East African investment company that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). MTI Investment AS was founded in 2014 by Professor Trond Randøy (Norway), Pontus Engström (Sweden), and Neema Mori (Tanzania) with the goal of seeking investment opportunities in East Africa.

“Mti” means tree in Swahili, symbolically representing MTI’s focus on growing companies. Our portfolio companies have the potential to bear fruit from long-term efforts of investing, coaching, and monitoring.

We are not limited to any one sector, but pursue investment in firms that have potential for scale economy and development of a strong market position through brand names and distribution capacity.

We invest in SMEs with the following criteria:

  • SMEs that can become a national or regional champion (sales USD >10 million)

An initial investment in SMEs with at least USD 1 million turnovers, and with long-term growth prospects of at least 15% growth per year (target growth rate of +30%)

  • SMEs with operationally active co-owners with long-term commitments
  • SMEs with university-educated top management and founders/owners

We invest with input from trusted partners. Our focus is on firms that can benefit from population growth, will support higher living standards, and ultimately align with the SDGs. We only invest in firms that are environmentally safe and that practice a high level of ethical standards. We will not engage in the production of tobacco or alcohol, or in any gambling /casino businesses.


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Location Stockholm, Sweden
Targets Tanzania
Sectors Sector agnostic