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BMDC is a business consultancy assisted by an international network of industry professionals. We assist firstly the growth-orientated business with concept design and implementation and secondly the venture capital funding market with realising viable investment opportunities. We are a web-based consultancy and thus do not operate via physical offices, although we use Cape Town as preferred base for client meetings. All administrative work is done via the web.

We specialize in business structuring and business model design as well as due diligence studies and capital raising/sourcing on behalf of clients. We partner with industry specific private investors and/or private equity funds and will submit applications for funding to this pool if the client’s business falls within the investment criteria of this pool.

Our preferred type of business is start-up entities and businesses already trading but in need of a business turn-around/expansion or rescue.  

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Africa has always been positioned at the back of the row when it came to funding and development of opportunities. After 16 years of trading in the start-up market in Southern Africa, we strongly believe that the time has come for all of us in this industry to stop talking and start working on assisting the many world-class African businesses and business ideas out there to ensure that funding and assistance are provided to these businesses to change our continent for the better.