The Robust and Sustainable Startup Series

with Derrydean Dadzie

The Robust and Sustainable Startup (RSS) Series from Make-IT in Africa in Ghana provides start-ups and small businesses with the expertise they need – not just to survive, but to succeed when faced with the challenges of a global pandemic. Starting at the end of June 2020, the webinar series will give participants an edge in a constantly changing environment.


The global COVID-19 pandemic has created major challenges for everyone. Yet apart from the great risk to personal health, COVID-19 also poses an existential threat to many businesses. Often, it is the small businesses and startups in emerging markets that are among the hardest hit.

Many up-and-coming entrepreneurs have been dealing with disruptions to their businesses without any past experience to guide them, nor any support from experienced professionals. The Robust and Sustainable Startup (RSS) Series from the Ghana office of Make-IT in Africa aims to fill this knowledge gap through webinars that will help entrepreneurs successfully navigate the numerous threats to their businesses.


The RSS Series is conceived to impart critical business knowledge, practical expertise and provide guidance that entrepreneurs can use to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on their businesses. Beyond merely surviving the pandemic, many webinars in the series will focus on ways to continue to innovate and become even more successful than before the crisis.

The webinars are hosted by carefully selected trendsetters, experienced businesspersons, ecosystem leaders and entrepreneurs. On the platform, they will present their relevant experience, deep insights, best practices, case studies and practical how-tos.

Hence, there is a need for transparent access to detailed information regarding investors. This is to allow tech entrepreneurs to understand not just investors’ investment propositions but also their philosophy, access to funds and historical records, as well as case studies to enable better matchmaking with investors and investee companies.


Anyone who is determined to build up or maintain a robust and sustainable startup or small business is encouraged to apply. With the help of the RSS Series, Make-IT in Africa aims to ensure that participants feel inspired, empowered, and fully equipped to succeed – with the necessary soft-toolkits, the right mental orientation, and the confidence needed to effectively deal with the negative consequences of COVID-19 on their businesses.


  • Course leaders: Experienced entrepreneurs who have managed similar situations will share their strategies with participants.
  • Extended access: Participants will have access to webinar resources for an extended period after the series has finished.
  • Format: Two-hour sessions on a particular topic each week, including practical exercises and time for questions and answers.
  • Post-session survey: After each webinar, participants will be asked to provide feedback to ensure the goals of the series are being met.
  • Practical resources: Whenever possible, instructors will provide a soft-toolkit or guide to help put the new expertise into practice.
  • Certificate: All participants will receive a certificate of participation from Make-IT in Africa.


Sep 23, 2020: 18:00 - 20:30
Organizer Make-IT in Africa
Website Visit website
Location Online
Targets Ghana
Sectors Sector agnostic