LeapFrog Investments

A decade of Profit with Purpose


LeapFrog invests in extraordinary businesses in Africa and Asia.

We partner with their leaders to achieve leaps of growth, profitability and impact. Today, LeapFrog companies reach 205 million people across more than 35 emerging markets. 164 million are low-income consumers often accessing insurance, savings, pensions, credit and healthcare for the first time.

We call this distinctive approach “profit with purpose” because it generates strong results and changes many lives. Leading global investors share this vision and have invested and committed over $1.5 billion to LeapFrog.

LeapFrog makes private equity investments in high-growth, purpose-driven financial services and healthcare businesses in some of the world’s fastest growing markets. We typically invest between $10m and $50m in capital, and we actively invest our knowledge and experience. This enables LeapFrog companies to achieve new levels of growth, profitability and impact. We look for investee companies that are strongly aligned with our values, and whose potential scale, client focus and governance mean they will grow and endure.

A LeapFrog investment is a commitment to partnership. We stand side-by-side with the leadership of the businesses we back. Our deal teams include former CEOs and senior executives from emerging markets, so they understand the promise and the pitfalls of growing a business.


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Location London, UK
Targets Africa, Asia
Sectors Financial services, Healthcare