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Investing in the next big thing

Jozi Angels is an angel network based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We exist to grow the startup ecosystem and facilitate the growth of innovative startups. Through our broader network we have sourced the hottest startups and facilitated several investments. Our members are approved investors serious about providing capital and coaching to early stage companies. 

Our mission is to further develop the startup ecosystem through investment, events and education. We facilitate investments in to startups that suit the investor’s professional background while at the same time supporting South Africa’s emergent innovation economy.

Johannesburg, South Africa
South Africa
Computer software, E-commerce, Education, Internet





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    Nangsegme Ziem has started following the partner organization Jozi Angels.

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      Ebenezer Badewole posted an update on the Angel Group page Jozi Angels.

      Dear JOZI
      Our years of experience as a technology company should be of interest to a rapidly growing company like yours.

      At LUZIKO COMPANY, we have acquired skills in all phases of SOCIAL MEDIA sector including the new platform we just create which our MISSION is to

      1. Create employment opportunity to humanity by allowing our registered companies pay our HOSTS

      2. Eradicate illiteracy about you and what you do

      We will appreciate the opportunity to show your company how we can help meet its goa