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Syndicate investments with VC4Africa

Backing Africa’s next great success story

VC4A is a fast growing community of entrepreneurs and investors dedicated to building game changing companies across the African continent. Here is your chance to let us know if you would consider investing in our best startups.

We believe the African startup ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace and will produce large liquidity events for early-stage investors over the next 5-10 years. We seek to provide investors a vehicle for broad investment in early-stage African companies.

By joining the VC4Africa investor network it is possible to participate in syndicates and engage a high number of opportunities otherwise not easily accessible across markets. Joining fellow investors it becomes easier to combine networks and expertise. VC4Africa offers a mechanism to efficiently connect with the best companies, offering the support infrastructure required to manage investments at a distance, and still provide the hands on support founders need to succeed. Leveraging the VC4Africa platform it is possible to streamline due diligence and reporting needed to keep management costs to a minimum.

Join our network of committed angels and get involved with some of the continent’s most promising entrepreneurs. Together we are doing our part to build the next great African success stories!

Expected minimum investment is USD 5,000. Fill in this form to receive updates on progress and to connect with the team for more details. This investor program targets sophisticated investors. By filling in this form you confirm you are accredited (see what it means to be an accredited investor) and understand the risks of early stage investing.

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