Links with Jujuy entrepreneurs

How the Club Minka is born

In Jujuy, a group of entrepreneurs found the lack of a link and lack of accompaniment for their project. Once a training related to entrepreneurship is completed, there is no follow-up to the achievement of the business objectives.

Groups on social networks present, mean more a tool of advertising for the business of the members than a place of co-creation and exchange of improvements. Then, it is proposed to create a community of entrepreneurs to strengthen the linkage, the professional support and the development towards the triple impact.


It is intended to provide support and support to entrepreneurs that allow to validate an idea and, if necessary, propose tools and new techniques to introduce changes that allow to put in place a solid and sustainable company. One of the main aspects will be the one developed by those with the role of TUTORS of ENTREPRENEURIAL MEMBERS of the Club, functioning as guides that contribute their vision, network of contacts and previous experience so that the entrepreneur will be accompanied in their process of growth.


  • People who radiate in the vicinity of some of the venues of the Club Minka, in the province of Jujuy. ​
  • People who have an idea and want to validate it to achieve a business. ​
  • People who have the motivation to start and can count on their ideas to other entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs who have a project or entrepreneurship in place and need support, assistance and linkage in a strong entrepreneurial system.


August 31, 2020
Program dates Jul 28 - Nov 28, 2020
Organizer Instituto Minka
Website Visit website
Targets Argentina
Sectors Sector agnostic