Innovation Consultant focused on reducing socio-economic gaps and environmental imbalances, through Social and Technological Innovation.

We design and execute programs that promote Socio-Economic and Environmental Development, based on processes, participatory and dynamic; being the main director of work the Social and Technological Innovation, and the replicable potential of the capacities and competences, in conjunction with the various sectors of society.

About us

We are an Impact Innovation consultancy that, applying systemic thinking and agile methodologies, we design and execute projects, programs, and actions that promote Socio-Economic and Environmental Development, based on collaborative, participatory, and dynamic processes. The main work guidelines being Innovation, applicability, and sustainability of actions that we execute in conjunction with different social agents.

We have developed processes together with the different sectors that are involved in the development of a country: private sector, civil sector (associations, NGOs, and Foundations), public sector, and academia.

We work in three areas:

  • Innovation Management: We guide companies in the implementation of innovation processes and the generation of innovation culture.
  • Entrepreneurship Development: Through our YAWAL Incubator, we accompany enterprising people in structuring their businesses from idea to investment
  • Projects with Impact: We design and execute projects focused on achieving a real and measurable impact in the areas of implementation




Location El Salvador
Targets El Salvador
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (2)
17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth