IFC TechEmerge Health East Africa

Accelerating adoption of innovative health technologies in East Africa

Do you have a breakthrough solution to address East Africa’s health issues? If yes, we want to hear from you.

IFC’s TechEmerge Health East Africa program is seeking health tech innovators from around the world to bring their solutions to East Africa to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Through the program we connect top tech companies from around the globe with leading healthcare providers in East Africa to pilot their solutions in the local market and build commerical partnerships.

Over 20 leading private healthcare providers in Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia have signed on to the program (multi-specialty hospitals, primary care clinics, labs, pharma retailers, insurers).

Applicants are carefully screened by a panel of external technical experts. The most promising innovators with proven, market-appropriate solutions are invited to meet with leading local healthcare providers in East Africa to demo their products and discuss potential pilot opportunities. With our support, selected innovators and local healthcare providers partner to test and validate the technologies in the local setting. Selected innovators receive funding and guidance from the TechEmerge team to pilot their solutions in the East African market, with the ultimate goal of wider commercial deployment of the technologies.

Benefits for innovators?

What are we looking for?

Proven products, commercially installed in at least one health system around the world. We are seeking a wide range of health tech solutions, including:


  • Proven product, installed with at least one health system
  • Privately owned company, typically with less than 50 employees and less than US$100M in venture capital funding (with some exceptions)
  • Meets the needs of East African Healthcare Providers
  • Demonstrated managerial capacity and scalability
  • Ability to allocate time and resources to the participation to the project, including attending periodic meetings and implementation of field testing/pilot project in East Africa



April 13, 2020
Program dates Apr 1 - Jul 30, 2020
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