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Sometimes you just need a little help.

Unfortunately, we don’t allow late applications to move through our very tight schedule for selection and to be fair to all applicants. Therefore, the next round of applications will be open soon.

We don’t exclude applications just because they have a single founder. But we look for great balanced teams who have a full range of skills. Therefore, we highly recommend you seek co-founders who balance your skillset. If you are a single founder, you should build a strong and very committed management team around you.

Yes! We are happy to consider any application considering our eligible criteria listed above. Just remember that your digital innovation should address the African livestock value chain. 

You can apply to the programme if your innovation is in one of the following categories or technologies used somehow in the broader livestock value chain:


Internet of things, application (mobile), search engine, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, virtual/augmented reality, 3D printer, robotics, digital learning software (online training system, MOOC platform, open educational resources), database, information management system, monitoring and control system, geographic information system (GIS)/mapping, SMS services, web platform, social media, data analysis system


Application Domain:
Strengthening of the digital expertise and IT skills of actors in the livestock value chain (e-skills), online training (e-learning), precision agriculture, market access, access to finance, digital payment, management of livestock value chains, logistics and transport, e-commerce, animal feed, animal health & welfare


Do you think that your category is missing and should be listed? Tell us at

No! We treat application data confidentially! We ensure your data and information are safe with us, as this guarantees our core business model and good reputation.

No, you must fill out the application form.

After applications close, we’ll review applications for about two weeks and spend time getting to know even more about your team, market, progress and idea. Finally, our goal is to notify the final group of companies who will have the chance to join the selection day within four weeks from the application closing date.

If you have already submitted your application prior to the deadline and want to make changes, please reach out to VC4A for support. The VC4A support team can re-open your application for you to make the changes and re-submit. Please note, that after the deadline has passed, no further changes can be made.

We highly recommend that your founding team works in the company full time so that you can focus on your business to make it big. But we fully understand your decision not to quit your previous job quite yet, especially if your start-up is still early-stage.

The video is required for the application process, and we recommend it. We are not looking for a highly produced video; we want to see what you are working on, why you’re excited about it, how your team works together, and what makes you unique. You can record a video with your phone but make sure the audio quality is good.

Our eligible criteria are:

  • Legal form
    The start-up must be registered and operate in Africa and provide a registration certificate.
  • Team
    Is the founding team complementary?
    Has the team the qualifications and experience to run a business?
  • Digital innovation
    Is the business model based on a proven digital innovation?
    Is the digital solution resolving a specific problem or bringing a pain reliever to the customer needs (explicit problem and solution statement)?
    Is this digital solution bringing amelioration, change or disruption to an existing product in the market?
  • Business model
    Is the source of revenue clear?
    How does the business model increase the income for its users (e.g., farmers, other actors of the value chain)?
  • Market access
    Does the start-up know its market size?
    Does the start-up know its competitors?
    Does the start-up know its barriers to expansion?
    Is there a clear USP of the product?
    Is there a clear product-market-fit?
  • Traction
    Has the start-up proof/evidence of regular revenue (e.g., a proven number of customers that paid for the product)?
    Is the financial plan/statement of the start-up realistic and reliable?