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Sometimes you just need a little help.

No problem. Please reach out to our campaign support team. We can easily set up an additional process for you. In that case you will get results per process, as well as overall results.

Please double-check that the judge has been assigned to a judging group. Navigate to the rating and selection environment and select the “Groups” tab to check this. Then, make sure the judge is logging in with the correct user account (using the email you see next to their name in the groups section). Then, make sure they have the correct URL to access this. For this, click on “Rating & selection” in your admin dashboard and copy that URL and send it to the judge(s).

This depends on the number of applications you are including in the rating and selection process. Applications are assigned to judging groups, therefore all judges within one group are rating the same applications. You should have a minimum of 3 judges per group so that the final score per application is based on the aggregated scores of at least three judges.

The more applications you have, the more judging groups, ideally. if you have 50 applications in the rating process, great if you have 5 groups of 3 judges each, so each group rates 10 applications. The more applications per group, the more time you are asking each judge to contribute.

Please watch the video and follow the step-by-step instructions here for a thorough understanding of the process.

The rating criteria should ideally be determined when creating the application form already to make sure to ask the right questions. A criterion could be “Team capacities” and your application form should be asking about the number of team members and their skills for the judges to determine this.

Each criterion should be given a weight, depending on the importance of each criterion. All criteria weights have to add up to 100%. Please make sure to use the same scale (5 or 10-star rating) over all criteria. You can add a comment box with no weight if you want the judges to leave qualitative feedback, statement, or comment. This comment box can be set as optional or mandatory, this is up to you.