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Sometimes you just need a little help.

You can do so by keeping the page ‘unlisted’. That way, it will not yet appear in the overview of opportunities on the platform, yet it can be visited by anyone (your team) you provide with the direct URL. To unlist a page, click on “Edit page content” in your admin dashboard, navigate to the “Visibility” tab and select to unlist the page.

  • Get a unique URL with your company (;
  • Customize the look by adding your own logo & header image;
  • Add a description of your organization;
  • Specify geographical and sector focus;
  • Embed a video;
  • Link to your website and social media;
  • List your team members with existing VC4A account;
  • Build a network of followers;
  • Publish campaign pages for your programs and events to reach the VC4A community of entrepreneurs;
  • Create a custom application form (this can also be embedded on your own website);
  • Showcase ventures supported by adding them to your portfolio;
  • Engage a wider community in conversation and dialogue.

At any time you retain administrator rights to your page(s) and are able to update/change/delete content as you wish.

For more info and step-by-step guidance to setting up the pages and all application tools, click here.

Go to the page and make sure you are logged in with the right account to have admin rights. Now, click on “edit page content” in your admin dashboard. Here you can upload new logo and header images or crop the existing ones.

  • Logos should be at least 150 x 150 pixels.
  • Header images should be 1280 x 300px and ideally don’t exceed 150 KB in file size, to make sure visitors with less bandwidth can see them too.

No. The Partner Pages are based on ‘parent-child relations. You cannot create a child (program or event or page) without having a parent (organization page).

If you use the organization page to publish information about your program, it will not be shown in the overview of opportunities or event calendar and it will not be possible for users to find it searching by program type. This will negatively affect the visibility of your program on VC4Africa platform.

Ideally, you first create the parent page, by adding a page for your “organization supporting startups”. Once that is done, from within the admin dashboard of this organization page you can then “add a page” for your program or event (child pages). More detailed step-by-step guidance, you can find here.

Yes, you need to signup on VC4A first. Later on, you will also be able to list yourself as a team member on your organization page. Make sure to add some info about you and a profile picture for a friendly impression.

We can definitely help out here! We can feature your campaign in various places on the platform to appear more dominantly. We can also support your campaign outreach through our social media channels (check out our follower numbers on Twitter, Facebook, and in the LinkedIn group), the VC4A blog, and community newsletters.

Please check out our partner campaign packages and reach out to us to plan tailored campaigns.

No, there are no costs involved to publish partner or campaign pages. Even better, using VC4A application and selection tools is free as well!

For our support in setting up the campaigns and promotional services, please consider our partner campaign packages to boost your results.

Your finalists, alumni, and otherwise supported ventures can be showcased in the portfolio section of individual program pages as well as on your VC4A partner page. By adding their venture profiles here, this connection will also appear on their profiles (on venture X it will say “Supported by {{name of your program/organization}}” with a link to your page). Following their progress overtime helps to create a meaningful track record for your program.

When using the VC4A application form, you can create a pipeline of potential candidates over the course of multiple cycles of your program. Use custom tags throughout the application processes to easily filter, track and invite past programs’ applicants for upcoming programs or events.

The VC4A platform supports the fastest-growing online community of entrepreneurs and investors in Africa and beyond. Check out the latest number of community members here.

By profiling your organization on the platform, you increase your visibility within the startup ecosystem significantly and get access to the most promising entrepreneurs.

From your organization page, you can publishing campaign pages per program or event of yours, link to your application form elsewhere, or leverage VC4A’s free customizable application form and selection tools. That way, you leverage VC4A’s reach and infrastructure to boost the number of applications for your next acceleration program, competition, conference, hackathon, or startup event. You will build a network of followers to be notified about your latest activities and new campaigns.

Any organization providing services, support, opportunities, and resources to the startup ecosystem globally is invited to create a free partner page. These can be:

  • Accelerators / Incubators / Co-working spaces;
  • Angel Groups / VCs / Impact Funds;
  • Innovation Hubs / FabLabs / Hacker Maker Spaces;
  • Event & Competition Organizers;
  • Corporations / Service Providers;
  • Foundations;
  • Public Sector Initiatives.

Please contact us for advice if you feel that your organization is an important startup ecosystem player in Africa and beyond but doesn’t fall into any of these categories.

The VC4A partner page is a tool that allows third-party organizations to publish and administrate campaign pages on the VC4A platform, to collect applications for startup programs and promote events.

The partner page is the central point from where organizations can launch these programs and event pages to engage with the VC4A community. Instead of having to rely on the VC4A team to promote partner activities, you can manage your own pages independently and collaboratively with your team. From the dedicated partner page for your organization, you can:

  • Introduce your organization, give an overview of what you do, for whom and why
  • “Edit page content” to:
    • adjust text, details, logo, and header image
    • manage the visibility of the page
    • grant admin or editor access to colleagues to manage the page collaboratively
  • “Add a page” to:
  • Launch dedicated campaign pages for programs or events, which will be listed amongst the overview of opportunities and the event calendar on VC4A, and gain incredible reach
  • Show who is part of your team
  • Showcase and navigate to all past and upcoming program and event pages
  • Showcase your portfolio of supported startups
  • Post updates for your followers