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 If you would like to discuss whether your work is relevant to the i3 program or require any other clarification about the application process, please contact us on

i3 applicants must be:

  • Early-stage and Growth-stage tech-enabled businesses owned or operated by African Nationals, and with a legal presence on the continent
  • Businesses focused on tech-enabled product distribution with validated proof of concept, recorded revenues and demonstrable potential for growth
  • Demonstrable potential for social and societal impact

The deadline is on the 14th of August for companies affiliated to the North, West and East African region and 21st of August for companies affiliated to Southern Africa.

Questions about the application process and program can be submitted to { on or before by July 21st.  Submitted questions and answers will be posted on the website for all potential applicants shortly thereafter.

No, the i3 program only accepts businesses with products/services, and customers. The more evidence you can provide to demonstrate the impact of your products or services, the better your chances of being selected as part of the cohort

There is no fee required to apply for the i3 Program. All you need to do is complete the application form, enclose the relevant supporting documents, and answer any questions we may ask during or after submission. If you are shortlisted, you will need to set out time to participate in our due diligence process prior to final selection

 All information submitted may be seen by the i3 program team which includes judges and assessors. All members of the program team are bound by confidentiality agreements. We will retain application materials of applicants (including applicants who are not selected) for up to two years.

Your application will be strictly confidential, shared only with members of the i3 team and under confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with selection committees.

If you are shortlisted or selected for the program, we ask you to not publicize this fact until a date set by our communications team. Once companies have been admitted to the program, i3 may publicize your involvement through communications channels including but not limited to the program’s website, websites of program partners, social media platforms of program partners as well as other public communications channels.

  • Yes, you can make more than one application provided they are for separate businesses or ventures, if you are involved in both. 
  • Please do not submit more than one application for the same business

Yes, applicants who are not selected may apply to join later cohorts provided they meet the eligibility requirements at the time

VC4As adherence to guidelines set by GDPR VC4A is a data processor when it comes to applications received and processed via the website. VC4A does not process or use the data itself without explicit consent from the user filling in the application, and otherwise only stores the data on behalf of 3rd parties that use the website to receive and process applications. Under article 17, the right to be forgotten, VC4A has an automated pruning process that deletes all application data after 36 months. Any data added to the website directly, like user data and venture profiles, can be altered (Art. 16) and fully removed (Art. 17) from VC4A systems. VC4A also offers users the ability to download all of their data from the website (Art. 15 + Art. 20 GDPR data portability).