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How can I manage incoming applications?

Once applications start rolling in, you will see that in the graph on your admin dashboard. Click on view applications, to check out what’s been submitted, and what is in the pipeline (‘in progress’ tab). Some key tips to managing the applications throughout the call for applications:

  • Open individual applications and check for your minimum eligibility criteria
  • Do a pre-selection by moving applications from submitted to “review” (I’m unsure, to be discussed with the team), “selected for rating” (Yes, this one shall move to the formal selection process) or “rejected” (no, not meeting the criteria). Move applications by changing their status individually or in bulk.
  • Create custom tags to be able to filter by those and keep track on key aspects. Need to know how many female candidates are applying to your program? Create a “female” tag and start tagging applications individually or in bulk
  • Use the quick-selection tool for efficient management and bulk actions. Not to overwhelmed here, better check-out this video (from min. 03:10).
  • Discuss with your team on application level. When you open an application, you will see a message interface on the right. Here you can leave comments for anyone who has been granted access to the applications in your team. Here you can also view all activity (i.e. if your team member has moved an application to “rejected”, you can see when and by who this was done).

More detailed and visual descriptions to managing incoming applications, you can find in step 4 here, as well as in the pre-screening guide.

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