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SAIS Investment Readiness Programme 2023

SAIS Investment Readiness Programme 2023

For digital and sustainable African AgTech and FoodTech Start-ups

Open Call – SAIS Investment Readiness Programme 2023

Important note: The ‘Investment Readiness Programme’ is dedicated to African AgTech / FoodTech start-ups and from related industries that have successfully passed the ideation and development stage, have already tested their digital solution, have clear proof of traction and are ready to scale. In order to avoid disqualification, please be honest to yourself and only apply if your company meets these fundamental criteria.

Company profile

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Your brand name or the name your customers know you by. (max. 50 characters)

Please include the legal structure (for example: Limited Liability Company (LLC), Private Limited Company Registration, Public Limited Company Registration…)

If the company is not registered yet, please state when you expect that you will be registered and what are the reasons that you have not registered yet.

In which country did you register your company?

This can also be the address of a co-working space.

Only add if applicable, for example if you have offices in different countries.

Please add your company’s website. If you are only using a Facebook page that’s also fine to add here.

Please add LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or whatever you use to present your company and that helps us to get to know you better.

Max: 10MB.

Please upload your logo (jpeg preferred)

Please describe your company goal in one sentence. Pease use a descriptive sentence and not a marketing one. If you do not already have one, feel free to use this formula: "(Company name) is developing (a defined offering) to help (a defined audience) (solve a problem) with (secret sauce)".

Which part of the agriculture value chain are you addressing? ​

What technologies are you using to build your product?

Please describe your technology and software stack.

What stage is your company in?

Select the types of customers you’re selling your product/service to.

Please include the key team members responsible for business and technology development

team member

Total number of people working at the company (if the company is not registered yet, please enter the number of people working on the idea/project).

Who will participate in the acceleration program and be dedicated to the process? Ideally two team members like the CEO, co-founder or someone from the higher management team will join the programme over the whole period of time (12 months).

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Please add country code

Please give us an overview of the people that have a share in your company, including their names, roles and share of the company. We are aware that these are sensitive data and will treat it fully confidential.

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Please indicate in %

Summarize the problem you're solving in 2-3 sentences. Describe the customer problem you’re trying to solve with your product or service.

Please explain in simple terms. Imagine that readers don't know anything about this subject. What is your company going to make? How does it solve the customer's problem?

Who are your validated customers? What sales channels are you using to reach them?

In case you don't know any direct competitors, please think about solutions that your potential customers are using today to solve the same problem.

Please also include the following:
Name of competitor
Link to website or video

Describe what features or benefits differentiate you from the competitors and existing solutions?

Please describe your business model in a view sentences. How do you make money?

Please provide a clear number

Please provide a clear number

Please describe your next milestones and when are you planning to reach them?

Please include the length of your sales cycle from contact to first delivery.


Include both equity and quasi-equity investments

Please upload a two-minute video pitch (mp3, mp4) presenting your digital product and your team (via an unlisted link, i.e. hidden to the public) on YouTube and paste the link here.

Max: 10MB.

Please upload slides or presentation that summarizes your company (PDF file, file size limit 10 MB) is required. Other file types are not allowed. You may also use a free online file compressor like adobe to reduce the size if needed

Have you participated in any accelerator or incubator program? Are you already using services provided by another support/accelerator programme or project for business start-ups that are scaling up. List the accelerator or incubator programs you have participated in.

Which of the Sustainable Development Goals does your company contribute to? If you don’t know what they are please check out this link:

In other words, why do you apply for an accelerator programme?

What’s next?

If you are selected to participate in the next step, SAIS will ask you to submit the CVs of your founding and management team that you listed in the application and documents related to your financials. This will include a balance sheet, profit & loss, and cash-flow statements, and projections for the next 3-5 years

The collection, processing, and storage of your personal details as well as your replies to the questions about your business will be used only for the selection process including the adjudication and your participation in the program. In order to assess your company's needs and to ensure you receive quality tailor-made assistance, SAIS contracts a consulting company that will also have access to your data, if selected. We will not share your data with third parties for commercial purposes. By participating and signing at the bottom of this application form, you give your consent to GIZ-SAIS to use your data for the above-mentioned purpose. You may revoke this consent at any time, effective from that date onwards.

Thank you for your interest in this program. By submitting your application you agree program staff and selection committee are able to review the information you have posted to VC4A.