College Gig

High school ,Tertiary Institution students,and Start up Entrepreneurs

The “College Gig” is a grass root project that has been designed by GIG105.COM as an E-Commerce company. The College Gig event/programme believes that a learning environment organized around games and entertainment has a positive effect on students attitudes towards learning (Edutainment), and the role of Open and Distance Learning in facilitating the Education For All Movement (EFA) are all paramount to College Gig .

There are numerous specific educative and entertaining initiatives that have been included with the support of volunteers and participants at the College Gig Event. The first day kicks off with a basketball match, while the second day kicks off with a Football Match Competition games such as Chess, scrabble , play station amongst other side attractions. Other events such as Red Carpet opening, guest interviews, Music and Dance, , Poetry and Spoken Words, Pageantry, comedy amongst others all taking place at crest hotel .

The objective of College Gig is to provide the opportunity for high school students and start up entrepreneurs to participate in the college gig event/programme. in addition to the young productive minds that would be afforded the opportunity to participate and represent their institutions at the event/programme, the College Gig event is going to be supported by a network of High School Students and start up entrepreneurs, volunteers and support individuals across the state (plateau) who we believe have variously identified the needs of their host communities and have brought up innovative products and services which reflect the challenges faced by their host communities. This in turn is going to benefit the local community both socially and economically through increase in community access to participation, development of expertise, and mini trade fair.

Is to set the gold standard for social innovation by combining capitalist economic principles with social responsibility in an effort to alleviate poverty.

We Seek to aid our participants and volunteers in developing work related skills and mastery of underlying knowledge and scientific principles in reducing poverty and improving literacy in the community.

College Gig follows a set of programming principles in our capital and social development work. Our principles are aligned with those of many other social entrepreneurial organizations and include:

  • Promoting youth empowerment
  • Working in partnership with others
  • Ensure accountability and responsibility
  • Grow local brands
  • Creating value relationship among youths
  • Seek sustainable results

The College Gig in lieu of its Short and long term objectives have developed an Edutainment (Educational Entertainment) event made up of the following activities in the event cycle:

  • Football
  • Chess
  • Pageantry
  • Music and dance
  • Poetry and spoken word
  • Science in art competition
  • Scrabble

The College Gig have developed 2 program areas which include the following:

  • Technical and Vocation Education training
  • Documentary session


Dec 27, 2019: 8:00 - 21:00
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Location Crest Hotel Jos, plateau state, Nigeria
Jos, Plateau, Nigeria
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