Incubación de Triple Impacto 2022

Part of the 8va generation

About the program

From the Gen E Foundation we look for leaders of change, passionate about making and contributing to fair causes for the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that drive enterprises that have as their core activity the following axes:-

  • Circular and regenerative economy
  • Renewable energy
  • Inclusive business
  • Poverty and food security
  • Education-Health-Habitat
  • Smart and Resilient Cities
  • Technology applied to social innovation and/or
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Creative and cultural industries
  • Local development and other projects aligned to SDGs

As in 2020, special focus will be placed on projects that facilitate the recovery of social problems generated or aggravated by the COVID19 pandemic. and the adaptation of the Community to the “new normal”.

Due to the drastic changes in habits that have occurred in society as a result of the pandemic, Fundación Gen E has reconverted its incubation program into a 100% online modality.


The Incubation Gene E seeks to promote the development of impact projects through management support, support for the definition of a work plan to strengthen the project according to the evaluation made at the entrance to the program, accompaniment of mentors, coachs, monitors and specialists.

In addition, they will be able to access a proposal for training and linking with workshops and various networking activities that will facilitate access to networks and expand the opportunities for growth of enterprises. They will also be able to access support and facilitation for access to funding, both from public-private grants, as well as from private equity loans and investors.

Finally, the incubators will access the benefits of visibilization of their projects through our Media Partner, Gamba Media.

The Incubation Gene E is a proposal that can be adapted to the needs of potential projects that are in early stages. Thus, follow-up meetings will be agreed between the entrepreneurial team and the different actors involved in the program: Incubator Coordination, Mentors, and Specialists. The program is 8 months.


We look for committed and passionate entrepreneurs with their transformative purpose and who are willing to:

  • Being active members of the Gen E Community, creating “win-win” relationships with the other members.
  • Commit to supporting entrepreneurs of future generations of our Incubation program, whether as mentors, specialists, or other ways of sharing their experience.
  • Commit to accompanying advocacy actions, awareness raising, dissemination of impact entrepreneurship in the Community


October 10, 2022
Program dates Sep 16 - Oct 10, 2022
Organizer Fundación GEN E
Website Visit website
Targets Latin America and the Caribbean
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (5)
1. No Poverty, 10. Reduced Inequality, 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure