Food Connection Challenge Ghana

Innovative ideas for reducing post-harvest losses in Ghana

The Food Connection Challenge creates an opportunity for Ghanaian agribusinesses and Dutch products and service providers to find joint solutions to address food losses in the agrifood value chain in Ghana.

Post-harvest losses constitute a major hindrance for businesses in the agri-food value chain worldwide to achieve maximized results. It has been assessed that up to 40% of the food produced is wasted due to inappropriate post-harvest practices, poor storage facilities or weak transportation system. Apart from being an obstacle to the scaling of local businesses, food losses restrain the efficiency of agri-food value chains which therefore achieve suboptimal results.

Innovative solutions to post-harvest losses can valuably contribute to the efficiency of agri-food value chains and increase agribusinesses profitability. The Food Connection Challenge aims to promote collaboration between Ghanaian agribusinesses facing challenges related to post-harvest, and Dutch technology and service providers to respond to these challenges in Ghana.

Through the Food Connection Challenge, the Ghanaian business below will be matched with Dutch companies able to offer solutions that could serve their cases. Students from a diverse range of disciplines will facilitate the process. By working in teams, they will support the parties in adapting the solution in a way that the interests of both the Ghanaian and Dutch enterprises are met. Amongst all teams, the best two solutions will be picked and supported in being implemented in a pilot.


May 22, 2016
Program dates Jun 5 - Oct 16, 2016
Organizer Food Connection Challenge
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Targets Ghana
Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming



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Groital Company Limited
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Ghana Agribusiness, Food production, Manufacturing